SEQUENCING 101 - Page 7


There is a little bit of a glitch that you should be aware of with LOR's half speed feature. Most of the time it will play the song at half speed just fine. However, every once in a while it will not play correctly. It will sound all garbled and you can't make anything out. The fix to this is to click stop, play, stop, play, stop, play over and over and it will fix it. Sometimes you may even half to scroll forward or back, but it will work eventually. I am not sure what causes this. You should also note that LOR has a 1/4 speed feature. However, I have not noticed any difference between 1/4 and 1/2. Again, not sure why. Half speed works fine for me.

Now you may recall earlier, where I talked about "time and patience". Well this is where that really kicks in. Again, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR SEQUENCE. IF YOU DON'T TAKE YOUR TIME HERE, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME.

I prefer to use headphones when I sequence. Things like the television, the kids, the dog, the radio or any other background noise will make it harder to focus.

Set the sequence play range to "visible screen". Now begin playing at half speed and see how your marks you already entered line up with the actual timing of the effect. Using the "wave form" will help you quite a bit as it will show you many of the effects without having to guess where they are at.

Watch closely as the song plays and see if the effects line up. If not, stop and simply change it. I prefer to do one or two marks at a time. I may play the same 2-3 second portion of the song 20 times or more until all the effects in that visible screen area are line up right. Then I move on to the next visible screen area and repeat the whole process.

If you are noticing that your marks line up fine, then you move forward and some of the ones you already fixed are not lining up any more, this is most like because you have not formatted the MP3 file for 128kps. Or in some rare cases, you already did and you may have to reformat. Yes it is frustrating, but it is all part of the trade. Time and patience turns the mulberry leaf to silk.