SEQUENCING 101 - Page 5


So now you have your channels lined up the way that you want. Now you want to open the ANIMATION WIZARD and start "drawing" your items in. You have an option here to use the black screen or upload an image. I recommend going to Google Earth, your city or county property appraiser site or any other site where you can get an overhead of your house or property. Save the image to your hard drive. In the animation wizard you can click on upload image and add this. This will make it easier to "draw" your items into the animation.

You will need to assign each channel to an item BEFORE you begin to draw it in. You can assign colors to each item. You will only need to do this once.

The next step is to insert a series of "dead channels" into the channel configuration. I typically call these BEAT, EFFECT 1 and EFFECT 2. The reason they are called "dead" channels is because they are NOT assigned to a channel. They are there to allow you to mark out specific effects in the sequence. This will HELP YOU ENORMOUSLY!!!! I also assign colors to these that are different than light colors so as not to confuse them. I use black, neon pink and neon green or yellow sometimes.

Now before we continue, let's talk about the "BEAT WIZARD" feature that LOR has. I prefer not to use this because although it may be accurate, it is usually not consistent. By that I mean it does not put a beat at equal time spacing. This will make it very hard to program your sequences.

Let's say you are using 0.05 timing. By using the beat wizard it will mark out the beat but you will note that it may space at 1:00, 1:20, 1:85, 2:00, etc. or 5 spaces, 6 spaces, 4 spaces, 7 spaces. Now if you want to copy and paste for a 30 second event, you have to do it manually for one channel and then paste for the others. What I do is use the tapper wizard, start the song and tap out about 30 seconds, then apply it to the beat channel. Next I go back and count the spacing between each mark. For example it may be 12 spaces, 13 spaces, 12 spaces, 14 spaces, 12 spaces. In this case 12 sounds like a good starting point.  So I copy from the first mark to the second, place my cursor after the second mark, select paste multiple and then select all the way to the end.