How We Did It - Page 2

Click the thumbnail for a larger picture in a NEW window. This is the view from the outside of the house directly opposite the NEW panel box on the inside of the garage in the previous step.

Note to the right there is the EXISTING meter box which is significantly smaller. The empty slot in the NEW meter box is where the new meter will go. This is supplied by the power company. There are couple issues in this picture. First, you will see the two hot wires going through the wall into the new panel box. They are in the WRONG place. We had to move them past the meter instead of before the meter. Where they are hooked in this picture is where the service or "line in" will go. Also, the gray box between the two meter boxes is the cable TV. We will have to move this to run the split feed to the EXISTING panel box. See the next picture.

Here you get a better understanding of what we did. The cable box is now moved out of the way. Once NEW service is run to the new meter we will split the feed from there. There will be a feed from the new meter to the new panel box and we will re-route the feed over to the EXISTING panel box. To do this we will use a 2" LB from the new meter can over to the existing hole through the wall behind the existing meter box. The existing meter box will be removed of course. Since we are "splitting" the feed we still have the option to dedicate more power to the light controllers if we want.

The only issue with the above picture is at the bottom. You will see that I had the NEW service coming in at the wrong location. Currently it is capped off. We had to move that over directly under the new meter box since you can't have any bends above ground. It would be too hard to pull the wire through another sweep and you can't use a standard 90 for service wire.

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